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Research Activities

Scientific Research Study completed:

  1. A project entitled “Effect of Yogic Practices on Psychological, Physiological and Biochemical Parameters on Indian Jail Inmates” conducted on Jail inmates of Central Jail, Tihar. This project has successfully been completed.
  2. A project entitled “Assessment of behavior, anxiety, perception, attention psychological wellbeing and physiological changes following one month Yogic practices in high altitude natives.” Data collection of this project has successfully been completed.
  3. Project entitled “Comparative studies on to understand the psycho-biochemical effect of 3 months practice of Yogasana and Pranayama” has successfully been completed.

Scientific Research Study on going:

MDNIY has a well established Department of Yoga Research. Following research projects are going on in the department.

  1. 'Efficacy of Pranayama on Positivity Rate in People Exposed to Covid-19 Patients and Mental Status’ is the registered clinical trial under the Principal Investigator-ship of Director, MDNIY. The project’s co- investigator is the Head of department of Neurology, Lady Harding Medical College, Delhi.
  2. 'Efficacy of a Virtual, Video-Based, Regular Yoga Program on the Antioxidant Status, Immune Function, Stress Hormone Responses and Psychological Components in Healthy Population and Patients Recovered From Covid-19 in COVID Pandemic Period: A Randomized Control Trail’. The project is in collaboration with All India Institute of Yoga, Delhi.
  3. A Multi-centric study on five different age groups on the effect of Common Yoga Protocol on Psychological, Physiological and Biochemical Parameters & its impact on Wellness. The project will commence in 6 different centers/institutes all over India.
Research Paper Publication

“Lalit Madaan, Nimisha , I.V.Basavaraddi , Khushbu Jain (2020) Comparative effect of Yogasana and pranayama on depression, anxiety and stress levels in adults practitioners. International Journal of Indian Psychology, 8(3), 416-423

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