Ongoing Research

S.No. Title of the Research Project Project Location Stage of Ongoing work Duration Role
01 Effect of Nabho Mudra & Chaitanya Kendra Prekshaon psycho-biochemical parameters in hypothyroidism patients: a randomized controlled trial. (Amount Sanctioned : 12000 Rs) (CTRI No.: CTRI/2023/06/053550) Collaborative Project In collaboration with Thyroid Research Centre, INMAS, DRDO for Patients Pre-Intervention Data collection and Administration of Intervention going on. 2023-24 Dr. Khushbu Jain,
Ms. Yazurved
02 Effect of Yoga Prana Vidya Training on Psycho-Biochemical Parameters of Cognitive Performance Among Participants. (CTRI no. CTRI/2023/03/051083) MDNIY (CCYPV students) Ongoing: Data Analysis and preparation of manuscript 2023-24 Dr. I.V. Basavaraddi,
Dr. Khushbu Jain
03 Effect of Yoga Training Course on Immunity, Antioxidant Capacity, And Cognitive Performance of Indian Paramilitary Force Personnel. (IEC, MDNIY Approved) MDNIY (CCYWI-SG (CAPF) students) Start from Feb 2024 Ethical clearance, procurement of kits File work completed 2023-24 (ONE YEAR) Dr. Khushbu Jain,
Dr. Guru Deo,
Dr. Shubham
04 Effects of Yogic practice on physical fitness and its correlation with cognitive performance in Indian paramilitary force personnel     2022-2023 Ongoing PI- Dr.Rameswar Pal, Co-I
Dr. Ishwar V. Basavaraddi,
Dr. Guru Deo

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