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S.No. Title of the Project Collaboration Funding Agency Investigators
01 Efficacy of Pranayama on positivity rate in people exposed to COVID-19 Patients and mental status. (Co-ordinator: Dr. Khushbu Jain) - (CTRI/2020/07/026667)One Publication done, one manuscript submitted - Completed project LHMC, Delhi (2020-22) MDNIY Dr. I.V. Basavaraddi
Dr. Rakesh Sarwal,
Dr. Rajinder K. Dhamija
02 Efficacy of a Video-Based Virtual, Regular Yoga Programme on the Antioxidant Status, Immune Function, Stress Hormone Responses and Psychological Components in healthy Population and Patients Recovered from COVID-19 in COVID Pandemic Period: A Randomized Control Trial. (Co-ordinator: Dr. Khushbu Jain) (CTRI/2021/07/035027)Report submitted -Completed AIIMS, Delhi (2020-22) MDNIY Dr. Piyush Ranjan,
Dr Sudip Kumar Datta,
Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta
03 Development and evaluation of yoga-based intervention program to deal with the psychological distress among family members of the healthcare workers working with COVID-19 Patients. -Completed AIIMS, Delhi (2020-22) DST-SATYAM Dr Piyush Ranjan
Dr. I.V. Basavaraddi,
Dr. Elancheziyan
04 Effect of Nabho Mudra & Chaitanya Kendra Preksha on psycho-biochemical parameters in hypothyroidism patients: a randomized controlled trial. (CTRI No.: CTRI/2023/06/053550) -Ongoing CRMM, INMAS, Delhi (2023-24) MDNIY Dr. Khushbu Jain,
Ms. Yazurved

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