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The Yoga Education Department of MDNIY offers the below mentioned programs: M.Sc. (Yoga), Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy for Medicos and Paramedicos (PGDYTMP), B.Sc. (Yoga), Diploma in Yoga Science for Graduates (D.Y.Sc.), Certificate Course for Yoga Therapy Assistant (CCYTA), Certificate Course in Yoga for Wellness Instructor (CCYWI), Certificate Course in Yoga for Protocol Instructor (CCYPI) and Foundation Course in Yoga Science for Wellness (FCYScW). The aim of the Department is to impart knowledge, skills and techniques of Yoga and enable students to become institutionally qualified Yoga professionals. The Department is committed to offering comprehensive knowledge of ancient classical Yoga texts, Yoga Philosophy, and other Theistic Indian Philosophies in Yoga programs of Diploma, PG Diploma, Under Graduate and Post Graduate Programs. Moreover, the Department often conduct various webinars and seminars for a better understanding of Yoga.

Faculty List

S. No. Photo Name Designation
1. Dr. Indu Sharma Assistant Professor
2. Dr. Pawan Kumar Assistant Professor (Yoga Education)
3. Shri. K. Doren Singh Assistant Research Officer (Yoga)
4. Smt. Samrita Sital Yoga Instructor
5. Shri. Rahul Singh Chauhan Yoga Instructor
6. Ms. Sonu Rani Yoga Instructor
7. Smt. Amrita Sharma Yoga Instructor
8. Shri. Tanuj Yadav Yoga Instructor
9. Shri. Dalip Kumar Yoga Instructor
10. Shri. Lalit Gangwal Yoga Instructor
11. Ms. NEETU Yoga Instructor

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