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Human Physiology is the science that deals with various functions of the human body, their mechanisms under normal conditions, and their regulation under different physiological and pathophysiological conditions.

The Department of Human Physiology is actively engaged in teaching students pursuing M.Sc. (Yoga), B.Sc. (Yoga), Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy for Medicos and Para Medicos (PGDYTMP), Diploma in Yoga Science (DYSc) for graduate. Human Physiology is a laboratory-based subject. Students are also provided with practical, hands-on training and demonstrations during classes. The Students are taught the Physiology of different systems in the body. It includes hematology, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, reproductive system, excretory physiology, gastrointestinal system, endocrinology, etc. Also, the Impact of yoga on the human body is being taught to students.

The theoretical aspects are taught by the faculty during the lecture hours. The practical aspects are taught in the hematology and human physiology laboratories. The students develop their skills here and also learn to interpret the results of different procedures with special reference to clinical correlation.

This department is composed of Haematology and Human Physiology laboratories. The hematology laboratory is equipped with monocular and binocular microscopes for every student. The latest gadgets are available for routine hematological investigations. The human physiology laboratory provides enough space, including beds, to carry out clinical and pre-clinical experiments. The Human Physiology laboratory is equipped with basic instruments like a weighing machine, height scale, caliper, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, stopwatch, pulse oximetry, etc., to carry out routine clinical tests. The Human Physiology laboratory is also equipped with Physiology Monitoring System, Electrocardiography (ECG), Computerized Spirometer for Lung Function Test (LFT), Body composition analyzer, Multipara Monitoring System, etc.

The Department is also actively engaged in scientific research and has completed many research projects also published many articles in the peer- reviewed, indexed journals.

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